Cigarette Smoke #Lyrics

I lost the keys to my heart
So I’ve been sleeping with doors wide open
Wind’s blowing through the window I’m hoping
You come in with the rain

Cause I’ve been wasting my nights sleeping alone
Or sharing my bed with this guy I don’t know

And his cigarette smoke takes the pain for a while
But the aftertaste back home ain’t right
His golden smile makes me dream for a while
Wonder when he’s gonna say goodbye

I lost myself in the crowd
Now I’ve been fading among these strangers
I keep hoping, always wishing, always praying
You appear right here

Now I’ve been drinking all night with this city guy
He takes me up on the hill, shows me the city lights

Cause they always do
Leave me breathless, they are careless
They always do
Hurt me, break me, forever change me


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