life’s getting better #Thoughts

life’s getting better. the sun started to shine again. the mornings are lighter & the nights a little less heavy. the nightmares are gone. my mind is clearer now. my hands stopped shaking & my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. my eyes aren’t burning anymore. my breath reminds me of being alive. i feel grateful. for all i have, for all i have experienced. for all the people around me that love me. for growing up in a safe and healthy environment. i’m healthy. i’m taking care of myself well. i listen to my body & keep my morals in mind. i’m staying true to myself & i’m not being led by other people’s opinions. i’m in the city of my dreams. i’m chasing my dreams. i’m creating, i’m learning, i’m growing. my heart is healing & my anger is fading. i’m not in love anymore, but i’m loving myself again. i’m forgiving the ones that hurt me. i send them love & endless happiness. i have faith someday someone will be good to me. but there’s no rush, because i have myself. i trust the process & be easy on myself. i’m learning how to be patient. cities aren’t built overnight. things take time & that’s okay. failing is a part of success. i’m growing every day. i’ve already come so far. i’ll be fine. i’ll find my way. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. but i definitely will someday.


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