Hi, I’m Celeste Liberty (actually it’s Celeste de Vrij, but I prefer acting and creating in my alter-ego, hihi)

∇ Small town (Dutch) girl, with an emphasis on small, with big city dreams (currently being a busker/full-time musician based in East-London – until I run out of money, basically </3)

∇ I’m a Bachelor Of Arts, followed a major in Film Studies, graduated one year ago, but doing nothing with my degree – which is stupid, I know –  but what can I say, London was calling me

∇ I write songs, which you can listen to on Spotify (most of them are about love and heartbreak, because I’m still a girl dreaming of that perfect love to come around – hopelessly romantic since the day I was born) (

∇ I write poetry and words about my thinking processes, love, life, spirituality and self-love (or at least, I try – most of my posts just worked as catharsis, but if you can relate, that’s amazing)

∇ I’m a walking paradox (a stereotypical INFP, actually – no, we did not invent sadness)

∇ 50% of the time incredibly happy, creative, motivated, in love with the world & 50% of the time tired of life – it’s hard…

∇ Full-time dreamer (don’t apply, it’s the job with the highest expectations, the most possible amount of disappointments and the lowest satisfaction level)