Art & (The Illusion Of) Time #Thoughts

Isn't it remarkable how we all try to control time? We sell time, we buy it, we capture and deny it. We consume products that promise us we can have control over things that are so far out of our reach. Art happens to create this illusion of the ability to control time too. Art... Continue Reading →


in love with a fantasy #poems

and maybe after all, it was just a fantasy I fell in love with madly, deeply, till it got me destructively bleeding maybe you symbolised a thing I was craving for a place I was longing to be a place that never really needed me it's the distance, it's the dreaming it's the fear of... Continue Reading →

16.10.2018 #Thoughts

It's funny how my body can't distinguish anxiety from excitement. There's only a fine line between the two, at least according to my body. In both cases I get really nervous, for no particular reason - at least, most of the time there is none - and I feel restless as hell. My hands and... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Blue, I Am Gray #Thoughts

Sometimes there is just nothing. No motivation to write, no interest in singing or creating, no urge to even do anything. It's just emptiness passing by. Although, I hope this feeling is only passing by because it is draining all of my energy, leaving me hallow inside. I hate it when I feel this way.... Continue Reading →

Lessons From The Heart #Thoughts

I realised how much I have grown spiritually in the last year. I handle heartbreak so much better now, than I did before. I'm learning how to let it go, to accept the unacceptable and how to move on. I'm not holding on to grudges anymore. I'm only sending love to the ones that hurt... Continue Reading →

Waiting #Thoughts

I have this odd feeling, I feel like I am always waiting for something. Something, or someone, some feeling or some event. A time, a place, a person or maybe just some fantasy. I am forever waiting for some thing I don't know anything about. And I wish I knew what I was waiting for,... Continue Reading →

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