The City Is Lonely #Poem

The city is lonely when you wake up on an empty day The city is lonely when you don't get heartbroken once, but twice The city is lonely when you lose friends you just made The city is lonely when the weather is grey and there's depression in the sky The city is lonely when [...]


Observing #Poem

And in that moment I remembered, I did recall what brought me here in the first place It was the feeling of truly being alive, it was the feeling that hit me when I was staring at the million rainbow coloured city lights It was the amount of people, all so different and unique, creating [...]

She believed she could, so she did #LifeInLondon

You see the girl with the long black cotton coat, a red and camel Burberry scarf and a velvet beret? That’s her. Her lips are coloured with a metallic rose-gold liquid lipstick, not painted with a deep, dark shade of red, for a change. She’s hopping from train to train to arrive at her final [...]