still you. #Thoughts

isn't it pathetic how i still dream about you every now and then? picture your face and implant it in my brain. isn't it sad how i still, until this very day, keep replaying moments, how i'm recollecting memories, which only make me cry? isn't it ridiculous how my eyes still light up when i [...]


Silence. #Thoughts

This angelic creature was tortured by demonic thoughts. He could not escape, as he laid there in his unmade bed, in complete silence. There was an empty bottle of rum besides his matress and a few unopened letters. The air in the room was dirty and I could smell a scent of unwashed laundry. There [...]

You, you, you and Me #Thoughts

Everything you do, you do so well. It's in the way you act, the way you tell. Everything I ask, you answer so right. You're everything I need, everything I'll never be. You give me more than I want, you make me become. A person I want to be, someone I long to be. Your [...]