Stages #LittlePoetry #24

last season i fell for you last month i cried for you this week i’ve been so angry with you so i think, that today or maybe tomorrow, i’ll enter the last stage & i’ll finally get over you


Miles #LittlePoetry #22

Maybe you were worried about the miles, just like me & although I knew the heartless reality, was enough to hold back the both of us, I was willing to cross worlds, because of my love, for you, but I couldn’t tell if you’d do this too

I Hope She Makes You Happy, Like You Did To Me #Poem

And again, I had proof. That everything that looks like it is, is too good to be true. Why can't I never learn the lesson, why are my rose coloured glasses glued to my face? Why do I keep having faith in things that were never meant to be part of my fate? I don't [...]