Drunk #LittlePoetry #21

You got me a little drunk, but I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or me drowning in the love, I knew I couldn’t give to you, but nonetheless tried to.


Forget #LittlePoetry #19

I’m slightly​ relieved it’s getting harder to reminisce the feeling of your presence, the leniency of your lips & the enchanting subtlety of the revulsive motion of your body. I fail to remember, which makes it a little more facile to forget about you, the way you did about me.

I Hope She Makes You Happy, Like You Did To Me #Poem

And again, I had proof. That everything that looks like it is, is too good to be true. Why can't I never learn the lesson, why are my rose coloured glasses glued to my face? Why do I keep having faith in things that were never meant to be part of my fate? I don't [...]

Special Edition #Poem

He's that special edition, that is rare and hard to findHe's that distant stranger that immediately catches your eyeHe's the idea of the beautiful and the good Plato can't stop talking aboutHe's summer and spring together, he's the unpredictable weatherHis mind is an universe, but he keeps most of it a secretI want to get [...]