Humanness #Poem

I'm really sorry for being so open, so honest and true I noticed people find it odd, when you're so 'you'They rather cage you and keep their hand against your lips So you can't talk about the burden, the bleeding of your chest I don't have secrets and I don't wish to have some I'm [...]


Meet Sad, Meet Happy #Thoughts

I'm prone to being sad, to get lost inside my own head. Sad is a really close friend who's always there, always having my back. He tries, he really tries, but doesn't talk to me right. I feel sorry for Sad, because he's trying so hard, so maybe that why I'm attached to him, because [...]

Why I Write #Thoughts

People ask me a lot about the reasons why I write. For me writing is a kind of detoxification. Puryfying my soul from toxic thoughts, haunting memories and a lingering stream of conscious and unconscious ideas, concepts or fantasies. I write to clear my mind, to find a safe harbour in a dazzling thunderstorm while [...]