To All The Lovers That Left My Life #Thoughts

To all the lovers that left my life I'd lie if I said I didn't miss you I wouldn't be honest if I said I never think about you I don't believe love fades I do believe memories fade, but that's only because of time has this habit of blurring images And sure feelings may [...]


Goodbye Medication, Hello Bipolar Heart #Thoughts

My meds are gone and my true feelings are back. I feel more intensely again. I do love more deeply than I did, but I also hurt deeper than I used to. It comes with waves, it starts in the morning, but it doesn't end in the night, like it did. In my dreams all [...]

I Am Not Blue, I Am Gray #Thoughts

Sometimes there is just nothing. No motivation to write, no interest in singing or creating, no urge to even do anything. It's just emptiness passing by. Although, I hope this feeling is only passing by because it is draining all of my energy, leaving me hallow inside. I hate it when I feel this way. [...]

Lessons From The Heart #Thoughts

I realised how much I have grown spiritually in the last year. I handle heartbreak so much better now, than I did before. I'm learning how to let it go, to accept the unacceptable and how to move on. I'm not holding on to grudges anymore. I'm only sending love to the ones that hurt [...]

A Note To Myself #Thoughts

Lately I've been wondering, I've been figuring out. How to live, how to breathe, how to tame this fire inside of me. I've been everywhere, yet nowhere, I've been happy and I've been sad. I've been searching for answers and I found some of them in my own head. They say practice makes perfect, but [...]

You, you, you. #Thoughts

And maybe I do envy you. Envy your recklessness, how brave and free you are. You don't care about consequences or other people's feelings. At least, not much. You break rules and you make them, you drive away in the night and chase your demons. You play all these games, but you play them oh [...]