Dreams In The Darkness #Poem

I've been reducing my medication for several weeks I notice I'm doing worse, from the way that I sleep I wake up in the middle of the night, two or three times I dream about people, about places, feelings and emotions It's the motion of the flow of my unconscious mind Unprocessed progress and scars [...]


in love with a fantasy #poems

and maybe after all, it was just a fantasy I fell in love with madly, deeply, till it got me destructively bleeding maybe you symbolised a thing I was craving for a place I was longing to be a place that never really needed me it's the distance, it's the dreaming it's the fear of [...]

Believe #Thoughts

You know what saddens me the most? People who don't believe. By this I don't refer to having a religion as Christianity or Islam, or any other beliefs. By believing I refer to having faith and believing in fate. Trusting your own intuition and trusting the universe. Knowing that in the end, everything happened for [...]

You, you, you and Me #Thoughts

Everything you do, you do so well. It's in the way you act, the way you tell. Everything I ask, you answer so right. You're everything I need, everything I'll never be. You give me more than I want, you make me become. A person I want to be, someone I long to be. Your [...]