She’s Mad #Lyrics

This is the lyrics of a song I wrote, called “She’s Mad”. It’s basically about the INFP-girl and all her contradictions, her struggle with it, and the beauty within it. “She follows clouds, as she walks outside. She tries to catch, the moon at night, with her bare hands. And she’s fearless, she’s careless, she’s … Continue reading She’s Mad #Lyrics

Try Love #Lyrics

This song is about the disgusting way animals are treated by humans in the food industry. It’s called ‘Try Love’.   Fear in their eyes and poison in their blood Grow fat until they collapse Ten thousand beings all crowded and stacked Waiting for their life to end   And meal time seem to be … Continue reading Try Love #Lyrics

The Street #Lyrics

There are singers on the street, people walking by not interested They all want to be seen, want to be the next discovered artists But the streets are so busy, and the people so loud They try to be special, but they all vanish in the crowd   And everyone is rushing, everyone and me … Continue reading The Street #Lyrics