Things I’ve Learned While​ Living Abroad

There is no magical land I used to romanticize this place in my head, for years. Ever since I was 12 years old I was dying to move to this amazing pastel-colored city that never sleeps. But although the skylines are brighter, the people are more authentic, the food tastes nicer and the culture is [...]


City Sadness #LifeInLondon

As I'm wandering the foreign streets, I can't help but wonder The lives of all those strangers cross mine for a split second What are they doing here? What is their purpose? Is it just money or family, love or are they chasing their dreams? I'm not quite sure if it's alright to say that [...]

I Got A New Apartment #LifeInLondon

I got a new apartment, a few miles from the great city It's been lonesome, it's been heavy, I'm adapting real slowly And the people are so distant, they walk without a smile I hear, but I don't listen, but they silently cry And everyone got their reasons and everybody's trying to feel it They [...]

She believed she could, so she did #LifeInLondon

You see the girl with the long black cotton coat, a red and camel Burberry scarf and a velvet beret? That’s her. Her lips are coloured with a metallic rose-gold liquid lipstick, not painted with a deep, dark shade of red, for a change. She’s hopping from train to train to arrive at her final [...]