Primrose Hill #LittlePoetry #16

“Primrose hill holds all my secrets, my dreams and my demons
I can’t visit too often, for I get overwhelmed by all my feelings
But every once in a while, I go back and with that I go back in time
I let the memories wash over me, while I try to fix these broken dreams”


6 thoughts on “Primrose Hill #LittlePoetry #16

  1. (Fragmented pieces at the End of this story will be picked up here now instead, pieced back together then gifted back to you without need to ever worry)

    Broken End –

    To this World i do now visit, I give my blessings to its life and its elegance,
    Condemn the pride, egos and those so full of arrogance.

    To see a smile, glossy eyes of one so true in love,
    A symbol of true peace a kind free spirit that of a flying dove.
    Have you ever heard the soft words of someone so sincere,
    That everything they say begins to magically appear very crystal clear.
    Seen the laughter of a friend when things were suddenly not too bad,
    The night before was not to great, now awake and living they appear to be very glad.
    Listen closely to the rain next time as it splatters all around,
    Rejuvenating everything, the soil, animals and people for centuries have always loved that sound.
    Work together for man was never meant to be alone,
    For if he was his soul would be shrunk and would have never greatly grown.
    Say a kind word to someone who crosses your path,
    Only in defense shall you ever show them merciless wrath.
    Step back and realize all those around you can feel a time of defeat,
    Encourage everyone and help bring them back up to their feet.
    Don’t try to question why things went bad on that day,
    Life has reasons to pause and you must expect delays.
    Never be afraid to smile or cry when the time is right,
    Sometimes those tears will clarify your vision and show you the true meaning of sight.

    And now in my hand this cup has broken into two,
    To the side what is false and in the front of what is true.
    The contents inside spilt evenly upon the opposite pair,
    Truth is without corners but what is fake has become square.
    The handle I still hold between two fingers and a thumb,
    In our understanding this handle has let us know who we have now become.
    Kept them together as we all lifted them up in this world that we thought that we knew,
    As our roots expand our souls will age now growing old, glancing at the current Time this World we have now officially outgrew.


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