Not Soon Enough #Poem

I have trouble with being patient, I have trouble with waiting
And it’s the one thing about myself I’d like to change
I wish to be not so impatient, to go along with whatever comes my way
Maybe it’s just the fear that it’ll never arrive
Once I’d let go of the desire, of the strive
Maybe it’s the promise that is uncertain or maybe there’s no certainty at all
I am waiting for that some thing to happen, although I have no clue if the vision is even real
And it kills me inside, that I don’t know what I’m waiting for
Am I waiting for some thing that’ll turn out to be an illusion or something that will be beyond any expectations, beyond all I could wish for?

Time will tell, or maybe it won’t
That’s the tricky thing, because you’ll never know
Being impatient for an event that might not even happen is odd
Because there’s always a faith deep down inside that tells you it’ll come
It’ll happen soon enough
But still not soon enough


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