Patience #Poem

Little stars, great universe, please send me the courage to be brave
I promise I’m going to make it worthwhile, I promise to keep faith
I can’t do it by myself right now, I feel my confidence is running away
I need a little hand, not asking for much, I just want to be ready to face
All that I’ve been dreaming of, all that I knew was meant for me
But it’s me, only me, keeping myself from bringing my dreams into reality

I’m halfway, but not yet close enough
I feel the invisible rope pulling me
I feel that I’m hopeless for that kind of love

Please give me some signs, some directions to go
Some instructions to follow, because I genuinely don’t know
I’m filling my days with creativity, with writing, singing and reading
But I’m still feeling emptiness, a lack of feeling

And as I’ve grown older, the world grew colder
There are strangers in the darkness, there are lies in the honest
I’m not afraid of rejection of others, just rejection of myself
It took me a while to appreciate my body, my soul, my mind

I know I’m strong enough to face the demons in my brain
But this here, is another level of facing my fears
Maybe time will tell and time will lead
Maybe I have to be patient, while it all unfolds right in front of me


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