Observing #Poem

And in that moment I remembered, I did recall what brought me here in the first place
It was the feeling of truly being alive, it was the feeling that hit me when I was staring at the million rainbow coloured city lights
It was the amount of people, all so different and unique, creating their own story, living in this one particular chapter, right now, right here, just like me
All their dreams and worries, their fears and passions, I could feel it all, as their energy was merging with mine
It was beautiful and sad, both at the same time
So many seemed to have lost their will to life, their passion, the burning fire in their eyes
I observed them real closely, while mirroring their behaviour
I listened to my music, while I pretended to be on the same routine, while mirroring their steps on the crowded city streets

A crowded tube looks like a ranch full of cattle
All stacked up, no space, no room for any movement, no touch at all is inevitable
People are looking, but ignoring each other’s gaze
Looking right pass members of their own species, all pretending to be invisible, in a way
While their minds are wandering, their bodies are tired
You can feel their fading energy, you can see their weary eyes burn like fire

There’s no talking, I’m not sure if it’s an unwritten rule or not
There’s only rushing, against the illusion of time, it’s the anxiety of not doing, not being enough

The city is so full of life, so full of living, but yet so little people looking truly alive
It’s quite a shame, if they’d forgotten, about all the beauty around them, all the magic and the wonder, all the magnificent sights

To be an insider is hard, I suppose, I can tell from the looks on all those faces
Being an observer is far more interesting, much easier, so I guess that’s what I’ll be staying


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