Too. Much. #Poem

I know I can be too much
I love too much, I think too much, I want too much
It’s just that I don’t know how to feel less
Because feeling too much is all I’ve ever known
It’s in my blood, my nerves, my bones, my brains, my soul
It’s my oxygen, my fuel, the liquid that drives my sanity
It’s the madness that keeps me alive, it’s the sadness that preserves my creativity

It’s overwhelming in a world where there is so much happening
Both good and bad things, both quite as intense, both as interesting
I find it hard to ignore the details, to only focus on the whole
I’m not used to filter life, reality’s filling up all the corners of my soul

I dream vividly at night and I daydream in the day
I sense and I feel other people’s purest joy and their deepest pain
It’s beautiful but exhausting to live every day
I’m not sure how to handle, how to control myself, how to not go insane

But there are times when I go numb
When I don’t feel anything, when I’m cold at heart
I guess it’s my body’s way of resisting life
All the emotions and feelings that kind of hypnotise
My consciousness shuts down and the world feels like a dream
I become a robotic kind of mechanism, moving with the stream

I wish I could find calmness and the golden mean
In everything I do, in everything I’m feeling
I want magic, but it comes with a price
I want fire, but this world’s full of ice

Take me to the stars, we’ll make it worthwhile
I know it’s a bit much to be with me, but give it a try
I’ll show you the dark, I’ll show you the light
We’ll be the ones staring at the moon during midnight

Love me, breathe me, but let me go
It’s better to be distant towards a burning soul


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