Rather With You #Poem

I’d rather drown in the tears you brought to my eyes
I’d rather sink in your deep blue eyes
I swear that I’d rather stay in the past, if that’s okay
If the future was not reserved for us, for our love

I know I should be moving on
But I still sing about you in every song

I’d rather have my heart broken by you than fixed by someone else
I’d rather be lost and scared and blue, than happy with somebody else
who is not you

I’d rather keep the scars of my broken heart
Than being stitched up by someone else’s love, I’d rather fall apart
I’ll wait a thousand days and die a million times
If that’d mean someday I’d be with you until the end of time

I know I should be living, right now, right here
But my mind’s always somewhere else, it’s always with you my dear

All these love songs aren’t like me
I’m not someone who falls easily
But you gave me a reason to write
For you I’d write a hundred lullabies


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