Creating Perfection #Poem

Always striving, looking for perfection
In colours, in objects, in patterns, in actions
Always searching for the perfect thoughts
For a flawless mind and a beautiful heart

Always mixing until everything’s matching
Style is important, take care of your settings
No bright colours allowed here in this room
No piece of clothing that doesn’t suit you

I want perfect dreams, perfect lists
Perfect use of time, perfect playlists
I want my pictures to capture moments perfectly
I want my words to describe my feelings accurately

I know there are things that won’t ever be perfect
Like love and relationships, emotions and feelings
But I know there are enough chances
To create perfection, to please your senses

Because there’s perfection in nature, in the colours and in forms
There’s perfection in moments, when you truly know what you’re living for
It’s in the favourite tea that you’re drinking, the songs that you’re singing
It’s in the midnights where creativity is born, it’s in the mornings that give you a new opportunity, to find the peace you’ve been looking for

It’s in learning, in growing, in mastering your mind
It’s in finding and losing, creating your own life
There’s perfection in dreaming, in wishing on a star
And sometimes, if you look real carefully, reality will create the world that’s in your heart

Nothing is perfect, but perfection can be made
Can be seen and be found in so many ways
I’ll devote my life to the manifestations of the ‘perfect’
I’ll live by the rules of the beauty that lies within it


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