I Got A New Apartment #LifeInLondon

I got a new apartment, a few miles from the great city
It’s been lonesome, it’s been heavy, I’m adapting real slowly
And the people are so distant, they walk without a smile
I hear, but I don’t listen, but they silently cry

And everyone got their reasons and everybody’s trying to feel it

They all come here with dreams in their pockets
Visions of a better life than they got
I understand how it all works
But I still haven’t found out how this world turns

I’ve been walking, I’ve been sleeping, in this strange bed I’ve been dreaming
About days getting better, I hope they’re yet to come
Feel the rushing of the city, the alarms and the policemen
There’s no silence in a quiet night
But I don’t mind

And sure I have got my reasons, but I have no idea what I’m feeling

And it’s lonely in the crowded streets
The night’s bringing in the cold, I cover myself up, hide beneath my sheets


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