Confusion #Poem

Confusion in my mind, confusion in my heart, confusion in my body, confusion in every part.

I change with the tides, my emotions fall and rise, they tangle and clutter, they intertwine and wander.

There’s this voice in my head, this song in my heart, guiding me, telling me I should go that far.

Don’t look back she says, but I know that’s impossible.

I’m build up and made by the bricks of this town, I grew with the flower, the trees, through the summer, through the fall.

I got to leave it behind for some time, the wind whispers now it’s the right time.

It hurts like hell, but I promised myself, to follow that fire, to be guided by that light.

Those sparks I feel in my heart and soul, every time I think of that place, it’s magic, it’s all I crave.


It’s odd to miss being at home while being right in it.

But I do experience this feeling every now and then.

I miss my family while they’re being right beside me.

I miss the memories, the feelings I had back then.


I try not to think and enjoy the moment.

But I have no idea how to, my mind keeps wandering.

I can’t catch it, I can’t grab it, it’s out of my control.

There’s no way to stop it, to hold it, to keep it close to my soul.

The present it’s strange, because it’s never there.

But it always is on the other hand, but it’s never here to stay.

Change, changing, changes, I find it hard to keep track.

Lately I’ve been stuck to some old habits, I’ve been lost inside my head.


I’m afraid to write, because I’m afraid my words won’t flow.

So I sit aside, wait for the calm after the storm.


It’ll all fall in to place, in some way.

I promise myself, it’ll all be okay.


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