Defining #Poem

You keep defining, deciding what labels suit you best
What words do describe you, what excludes you from the rest
All these words and constructions, these terms and definitions, propositions for admission
Becoming an addiction, to put ourselves in a box, made and framed, constructed by our words, derived from our thoughts

It’s a state, a condition, it’s a tight, fixed way of fitting
While we may be dismissing, ourselves while dreaming of a perfect way to describe ourselves

We are changing, fading and rising, growing and flowing
Our minds free and soaring, flying through different skies while dancing with other minds

Why putting all these labels, pretending we are fixed, that we are unchanging constant entities, while we know we are so much more than this

We are not objects, we can’t be easily defined
We are limitless in our body, our spirit, our minds
Sure we have our preferences, but that’s not truly our essence
It tells nothing about who we are, who we’ll be, nothing about the colour of our heart

We are fluid, our thoughts are too, we’re shaping and reframing, forever changing
We keep looking and searching, trying different shapes of living and different forms of love
But we can get stuck in culture, lose the battle that we fought
Socially pressured to present, comparing and mirroring until we lose our essence

What if I want to be everything, would you blame me for trying?
Would you try to fit me in a box, or maybe into different ones, so you can define me?
I can be this today, be that tomorrow, I can be every kind in every way

I want to choose, the ways that I go, I want to be guided by the melody of my soul
I want to choose the ways that I move, the physical and the verbal, the ex- and internal
I can call myself this, I can call myself that, or call myself nothing at all
It’s my decision and no one else’s, no one else is allowed to control

I am human, I am free, free to choose whoever I want to be
You can’t tame me, put me in a cage and tell me I should find myself
When I may be perfectly happy, being limitless, being beyond space and time
We are human, we are free, free to choose whoever we want to be


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