Love game #Poem

she looked at herself in her broken, dirty mirror she saw her own eyes staring right back at her it scared her to see the girl she had become the broken pieces in the flawed glass of reflection showed her scattered soul her eyes filled themselves with transparant drops of tears the silent sound of … Continue reading Love game #Poem

Dear Dad #Poem

Dear Dad, Thank you for always doing the right thing. For being pure and honest, for being light and calmness. Thank you for raising me, with morals and with music, with melodies and movies. Thank you for always supporting me, for driving me places, having my back in phases, of life, where I find it … Continue reading Dear Dad #Poem

Bright Eyes #Poem

You, with your bright eyes, your smile lights up the darkest winter days Your jokes and your laughter, makes me forget about the weight of life, for a while You’re heavy hearted, just like me You feel everything stronger, deeper, more intensely You’re like a version of me, only more pure and younger You’re full … Continue reading Bright Eyes #Poem

Confusion #Poem

Confusion in my mind, confusion in my heart, confusion in my body, confusion in every part. I change with the tides, my emotions fall and rise, they tangle and clutter, they intertwine and wander. There’s this voice in my head, this song in my heart, guiding me, telling me I should go that far. Don’t … Continue reading Confusion #Poem