The Perfect World #Poem

I’m trying to learn to find a balance

Between giving and receiving, being grounded and believing

Between ignorance and knowledge, wearing blinkers and seeing


I try to find a way to feel, but not to hurt too much

Because sometimes, the world is on my shoulders

I move with a heavy heart

I see too much, for a human eye to take

I feel too much, too much for a human heart to face


I have empathy, but that sometimes kills me

Because I’m taking the energy

Of all the misery that is around me

I am just one human, therefor not in the power

To fix all that’s broken, all the things humanity has stolen

Sometimes I am ashamed of the species I belong

The most destructive in the world, the smartest but also incredibly dumb


We could be so powerful together, if we’d agreed on what is good

To act with love, avoiding hatred, share our money, our roofs, our food

It could be all so simple, so easy and warm

If the selfish minds would stop and the cold hearts would warm up


We are capable of everything, which is both a blessing and a curse

It’s a two way street, a multiple choice, a division between love and hurt

It takes a brave heart to stand up and say

The things he really means, he who will lead the way


But the perfect world is possible, if we try a little harder

If we love a little deeper, if we give a little more meaning

To everything that’s around, to every being in the crowd


I still dream of a world

Where there’s no defintion to words

As violence, pain and selfishness

In a world we would act out of love and selflessness



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