Dreams In The Darkness #Poem

I’ve been reducing my medication for several weeks

I notice I’m doing worse, from the way that I sleep

I wake up in the middle of the night, two or three times

I dream about people, about places, feelings and emotions

It’s the motion of the flow of my unconscious mind

Unprocessed progress and scars I thought did heal in time

Deep beneath the surface there is this pain that is too deep

Past emotions and phases, all buried in my memory


I’m okay in the day, because I occupy my mind

But as soon as I lose control and fall asleep in the night

My demons take over, bring closer all the memories

The pain, the heartbreak and long-time fantasies

Bombarding my thinking mind, upsetting my feeling heart

Lost in the darkness, unconsciously falling apart


Nights like these are the worst

It’s because it feels so real and it’s all so vivid

It feels like it’s reality, not just a visit

To a past time or a fantasy world

It feels so real, so real it hurts


Now I’m afraid to go to sleep tonight

Because I’m sure my darkness will chase me

But I’ll fight it again, just like I always do

It’s not real, it’s not real, but God, it feels like a truth







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