Poetic Lover #Thoughts

Every line he speaks to me, sounds like poetry

Unintended and unaware, unconscious and unprepared

I love the words he speaks, the letters that cross his lips

I love the way he pronounces, every sentence sounds like magic

I don’t think he knows, how much he makes me write

How much he inspires me, all these songs I wrote at night

The best I’ve ever made and probably ever will

He gives a melody to the lyrics, he makes time stand still

I love the way he looks at life, the way he enjoys living

I wished he could teach me how to smile like that, how to forget all the grieving

His eyes are like oceans, I wish I could drown in

He’s an endless source of pleasure, I’ll never get enough of him

I wonder if he believes in faith, ’cause he made me have fate

In future times, in better times, he gave me a vision of a perfect life

But maybe after all, he stays a fantasy in my head

A dream that was not meant, to come true in the end

But even though that might be true and this love wasn’t meant to bloom

I thank him for the inspiration, the works of art he mades me make and

I love him for that, so I’ll thank him nonetheless


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