in love with a fantasy #poems

and maybe after all, it was just a fantasy I fell in love with

madly, deeply, till it got me destructively bleeding

maybe you symbolised a thing I was craving for

a place I was longing to be

a place that never really needed me

it’s the distance, it’s the dreaming

it’s the fear of losing, it’s the emotional feelings

you know I love you

but maybe it’s just the thought of you

because actually I don’t even know you

I know your name and I’ve seen your eyes

but I have no idea what your heart is like

what colour you dream in

which bed you rest in

you embody the city

the magical streets I adore

but you keep me at distance

and those miles never felt so wide, so sore

I feel it better at night

I keep looking at the stars, waiting for guidance

but I’m just fooling myself

I keep hiding and hiding

from a truth that is so cruel

so hard and blue

I need to let go

of a fantasy in my mind

a dream held in my heart

dim the burning light

but there’s this hope, I can’t describe

it’s something I feel, deep down inside

it tells me to stay

it tells me to not give up

on you, on you and me

it protects my heart

dear lover, I can’t stay and I can’t go

so, I don’t know, I don’t know





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