A Letter To The Industries That Hurt Animals Intentionally #Thoughts

How can you endure the pain? How could you not sympathise, feel no empathy, just live your life? You keep ignoring, while knowing, you keep seeing, but you’re keeping a distance. How could you feel no sense of shame? About the fact that so many suffer, for the individual, for the ego, for the mad and the heartless. So many little creatures give up their life, their skin, their body, their spirit and not even willingly. They are forced, shut in the head, being punished for something they did not even do. Beaten and torn apart, suffering in despair, for no good; fashion, cosmetics and food. How can you look them in the eyes and betray them, hurt them, kill them? What did they do to you, what is the reason you’re being so cruel? They wouldn’t hurt you if they could, they see you as a friend, they love you.

Do you enjoy having this kind of power, of deciding between living or dying, loving or fighting? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and feel good? About being ‘superior’, you think you’re ‘better’ than your ‘food’? I wish I could make you feel, the same pain you’re causing, the despair, the hurt and the suffer. Heartless, mindless, ignorant and stupid. You’re all of this, you’re all of that, you’re nothing at all, when you act like this.

Dinner will be over in a minute or ten, his life is taken, you made it end. I bet you’re not wearing your fancy coat anymore, when fashion changes and it’s not the season for fur. I hope that lipstick looks damn good on you, because an animal died for it, his blood is as red as your lips.

I beg you to think, to think deeply about the consequences of your mindless eating, your ignorant shopping and those innocent beings. Products are fantasies, processes are tragedies. These two are worlds apart, but as soon as you open your eyes, you can see it all. My heart is broken, now my mind is open, but I’m grateful to finally see, the source of all the misery. I’m feeling the pain of all of those, that lost their name and were a given a number and got lost in the crowd. I will do everything that’s in my power to help, those innocent, lovely creatures, to make them feel safe and sound. I love you and I grief you, all the little bunnies, pigs, chickens, foxes, fishes and cows. You can add a hundred species to the list, species that are hurt by people, for reasons that are selfish.

Please, help the helpless by thinking less about yourself. I know we can do this, create a world that will be good, not only for ourselves, but for every little animal, you see as a ‘product’, you see as ‘food’.



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