Me & My Art #Thoughts

I wish people stopped comparing artworks. Art is not, in any way, made to be compared. There is no competition, there is no good or bad (to some extent of course). But comparing art would be like comparing feelings. 'Oh, I feel sadder than you' or 'I bet you can't carry more guilt than I [...]


Sentimental Sunday #Thoughts

This was not a good idea. Singing, writing, recording and listening back to some old songs. Too much feelings, too much emotions caught in fragile melodies and honest words. Some songs were buried, among with their memories of people, used to be's and old feelings. Listening back takes me back, to that exact time and [...]

I Am Not Blue, I Am Gray #Thoughts

Sometimes there is just nothing. No motivation to write, no interest in singing or creating, no urge to even do anything. It's just emptiness passing by. Although, I hope this feeling is only passing by because it is draining all of my energy, leaving me hallow inside. I hate it when I feel this way. [...]

Lessons From The Heart #Thoughts

I realised how much I have grown spiritually in the last year. I handle heartbreak so much better now, than I did before. I'm learning how to let it go, to accept the unacceptable and how to move on. I'm not holding on to grudges anymore. I'm only sending love to the ones that hurt [...]