I Am You & You Are Me #Poems

I’m sending you love, but I don’t know who you are. All I know is that we’re under the same sun, the same moon and the same stars. I don’t have to know you and there’s no need for you to know me. It’s because I am you, and you are me. We’re more alike than we realise, we are less separate than it looks like. I give you my energy, my love and protection. I promise to care for you, to give you shelter, to show you affection.

This world is a hard one, so why make it harder? It could all be so easy, we just have to take a step back to feel it, breathe it and be it. You’ll feel it getting stronger. I see the universe in your eyes, and you can see it through mine. Let’s not pretend we’re worlds apart, I know how you’re feeling, I can mirror your thoughts. You touch my soul and I help you grow. We can recenter, find meaning and lose our sense of control.

You must feel it too, in nature and in strangers. It’s all one and the same, why don’t we just face it. There’s no competition, no rivalry, no need for stupid games. Energy is flowing, changing and rearranging. There’s no time for shallow impulses, for the ego, for anger and rage. Love is the language of the universe, we are the natives, we are the world.

Spread love while you can, embrace and cherish, send it on and befriend. See the beauty in us human, how we’re connecting, how we’re growing. The way we align, ignite and realise. We’re all part of the same story, we share the oxygen, we share the water, we share the energy, we are the universe’s sons and daughters.

I share with you all I have, but I expect nothing in return. I just pray, that one day, you’ll see it just like me. You’ll remove the hate and the anger, the lust and show compassion and empathy.

Together we rise, we evolve, we strive. We’re perfect as we came, and perfect we’ll stay.


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