Dear Moon #Poems

I love the way you guide me, the way you bring light into the darkness, the way you’re always shining. You’re so static, but moving, changing and forever soothing. You hide during the day, just to shine bright at night. You’re connected to the sea, the weather, space and time. I wish I could touch you, but you seem so far away. Despite this, I feel so close to you, I feel you keep me safe. I stare at you through the window, while it’s raining or quiet. I pray to you before I go to sleep, weary and tired. Safe and sound you shelter me, when I’m sleeping, you keep me dreaming.

You seem so constant, so timeless and classic. Sometimes you look golden, or even red, blue, silver, yet always magnetic. Distance is keeping us apart, but that’s okay. I feel real close to you, even in the day. I make wishes on the stars, little children of yours. I know you’ll take me far, follow me wherever I go. But don’t get me wrong, I love the sun as much, but there’s this magic that you’re keeping, a mystery hidden in you and every little star.

Will you stay forever, shining and cycling? Or will you also be gone some day? Will you promise to remember me, even when I vanish and dissolve along the way? I love you and I need you, to guide me and to feed me, with your wisdom and your lessons, with your secrets and your magic.

I wear a necklace with your face, I write songs using your name. I am in love with you still, more than you’ll ever know, more than I’ll ever show.





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