Sad and Lonely Monday Night #Thoughts

On nights like this I can't help but feeling so goddamn lonely. At least the full moon is here to keep me company... That's a nice thought, for sure. But it does not really change the way I feel. It's not that I don't enjoy being on my own, I love being alone actually. But [...]


Inspiration #Poems

Inspiration is a funny thing isn’t it? It’s autonomous and it doesn’t listen to anyone or anything. It gives when it wants to, not when it’s asked for something. It flows and it dances, along with circumstances. It whispers and it hides. It’s in melodies and signs; it’s in words and images, in pictures and [...]

“Too Much” or “Too Much” of an Artist? #Thoughts

Sometimes I feel like I'm bothering people, with my songs, writings, emotions, feelings, or even my presence. People don't tell me, but they may think. I am afraid they all get tired of me, or maybe they already are. It tears me up inside, this way of thinking. I don't want to bother... but maybe [...]

Solar Storms and Mental Storms #Thoughts

Yesterday I felt a little off, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Restless and exhausted,  anxious and panicking. My thoughts were racing, faster and faster. I was feeling nauseous, dizzy and actually just really sick. I went from super excited and motivated to feeling worn out and weary. It was like falling [...]

She’s Mad #Lyrics

This is the lyrics of a song I wrote, called "She's Mad". It's basically about the INFP-girl and all her contradictions, her struggle with it, and the beauty within it. "She follows clouds, as she walks outside. She tries to catch, the moon at night, with her bare hands. And she's fearless, she's careless, she's [...]