Stay Sane #Lyrics

I found myself in the sea, watching the reflection of the moon. I found myself praying at, singing to the everchanging noon. The illusion of time, gave me wings, made me fly. Then I realised it was all a dream. The fractions of life, they go fast, leave behind, all the things that I thought were once mine.

So I stay sane, close my eyes and start to pray. As I make my way, I’m thanking God for another day. Because I realised all that there is, is something worth the risk.

I found myself questioning, wondering what it was all about. I’m losing faith, but gaining something more, than I expected, when I found. An insight of life, saw the truth, saw the light. But at days I’m still blinded by the sun. Oh gold ain’t what I want, fame is cheap, games ain’t fun. I finally feel like I’ve won.

I’ll be smiling to the world. Nothing keeps me from loving. Oh, the joyness of a little girl.

(Lyrics to “Stay Sane”, a song by me, Celeste Liberty)


This is a song, that I wrote some time ago. It’s about a spiritual awakening and seeing the world with a new pair of eyes, for the first time. In just the blink of an eye things look different, sacred and brand new. There’s an appreciation of every tiny, little entity, every ongoing process. I’m trying to live, according to the way of life. I’m teaching myself how to. And I admit, some days it’s harder to accept and to let it be, than others. But in the process of learning there are a lot of ups and downs and that’s okay. It’s about the journey anyways. 


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