Meet Sad, Meet Happy #Thoughts

I’m prone to being sad, to get lost inside my own head. Sad is a really close friend who’s always there, always having my back. He tries, he really tries, but doesn’t talk to me right. I feel sorry for Sad, because he’s trying so hard, so maybe that why I’m attached to him, because I don’t want to hurt him that much. I keep him company, and do my best to help. But I get caught up again, and need help myself. He gives me advice, but he’s always so blue, I know I shouldn’t follow, but it’s a familiar thing to do. We created an atmosphere, but now we have no idea how to get out of here. People don’t see us, and when they do they look away. No one has the interest to join us, to be with us, to do things our way. And I do understand, but words are easily said. I wish I could leave, but I’m afraid of doing that. I need to take care of Sad, because he’s prone to sadness. I need to take care of him, because he gets lots and turns mad, and I try to be a good friend, like he is to me. But sometimes it’s exhausting, when this is all of reality.

Happy is sweet, but she’s only there on occasion. I rarely see her, because she’s either busy or on vacation. She’s like a dear old friend. Having a cup of tea once in a while, before she takes off and leaves again. She laughs, and smiles and laughs again, with that she clears my mind, my sense. But Happy does not know the way I feel inside when she’s away. Happy doesn’t know everything about me, because she’s not here to stay. She says she gots my back, but she’s also bad at supporting. She is smiling away, whatever Sad and I are coping, with. Walking away when things get too heavy. Happy is light-hearted and dreamy. She sways and leaves her flowers in the basket and throws them around her head, while dancing. I love Happy so dearly, but she seems so ignorant sometimes, she closes her eyes to the cruelties in life. She’s so hopeful and graceful, fearless and grateful. But she’s impulsive and impatient, doesn’t care what she is doing or saying.

Happy and Sad I love you dearly, but I need you to go your own way and I need me to figure out myself clearly.


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