Stay Sane #Lyrics

∇ I found myself in the sea, watching the reflection of the moon. I found myself praying at, singing to the everchanging noon. The illusion of time, gave me wings, made me fly. Then I realised it was all a dream. The fractions of life, they go fast, leave behind, all the things that I [...]


Meet Sad, Meet Happy #Thoughts

I'm prone to being sad, to get lost inside my own head. Sad is a really close friend who's always there, always having my back. He tries, he really tries, but doesn't talk to me right. I feel sorry for Sad, because he's trying so hard, so maybe that why I'm attached to him, because [...]

A Note To Myself #Thoughts

Lately I've been wondering, I've been figuring out. How to live, how to breathe, how to tame this fire inside of me. I've been everywhere, yet nowhere, I've been happy and I've been sad. I've been searching for answers and I found some of them in my own head. They say practice makes perfect, but [...]

You, you, you and Me #Thoughts

Everything you do, you do so well. It's in the way you act, the way you tell. Everything I ask, you answer so right. You're everything I need, everything I'll never be. You give me more than I want, you make me become. A person I want to be, someone I long to be. Your [...]