Why I Write #Thoughts

People ask me a lot about the reasons why I write. For me writing is a kind of detoxification. Puryfying my soul from toxic thoughts, haunting memories and a lingering stream of conscious and unconscious ideas, concepts or fantasies. I write to clear my mind, to find a safe harbour in a dazzling thunderstorm while sailing on the sea of life. Sometimes the tides are gentle, go hand in hand with a soft summer breeze. I flow with the stream, without resisting I accept the impermanence of every living or existing thing and I see the pattern of the heartbeat of the water. At other times the stream is too heavy, the wind is too rough and my mind is like a boat losing control of the steering wheel. In times like this I need to keep myself from drowning, from getting swept away by the heaviness of the storm. Writing is like an anchor, something that provides a little stability in unstable times.

I write to keep the memory of something or someone alive. To shape and construct a memory of a person or an event. I try to grasp everything, every feeling, every touch, sound and image that comes along with it and I try to capture it into a solid entity; a collection of words, coming from a piece of mind. Every thing becomes a little story of its own; with a beginning, a middle and an end. Sometimes it loses a little of their value, fades a little with time and sometimes it is repeating itself in a different context.

I write to cope, to forgive and forget, others and parts of myself. I write for closure and the ability to start something new. Through this I am able to organize my mind and to have a clear perspective on the past, present and future. I cured my broken hearts, my scattered mind and mental plagues by writing; for me it’s the best medicine.

I write to write, to let reality unfold itself. To be able to see patterns, reasons, causes and even the truth itself. To expose myself to it, to merge and be part of it. I write for the sake of words, for the sake of art. To find the beauty in every letter, word, line, phrase or sentence and to get lost in the literate world, that is actually a world on its own. I let creativity come into being, let it run and play like a little child. Let it jump around, while it is exploring and discovering new things to life.

Those are the reasons I write, it’s my medicine to this event called life.


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