Souls Trapped Inside A Body #Lyrics

We all spend our days hoping and wishing on a fallen star

We all hope tomorrow will be better, we are stuck in a work of art


And we keep driving and running and hiding away

We’re all dying inside, we’re so done with this game

And we’re all crying and lying, we’re stuck in the pain

And we don’t know, we don’t feel appreciated


I need some signs, some guidance from above

Telling me it’ll be alright

’Cause I’m losing faith, and I’m losing love


We all wait for sunlight to finally break through this thunderstorm

We rely on other people’s love to fill up the empty hole


And we’re all craving and waiting, still looking out

For that one love, that one heart, that face in the crowd

And we’re impatient of waiting, we’re stuck in the past

We don’t live right where we are, always looking back


We’re all souls trapped in a body

We all try to be somebody, special

We’re filled with dreams and sorrows

While breathing, the air of tomorrow

We aren’t lost, we are just wandering

Facing the sunset, outgrowing the pondering




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