Try Love #Lyrics

This song is about the disgusting way animals are treated by humans in the food industry. It’s called ‘Try Love’.


Fear in their eyes and poison in their blood

Grow fat until they collapse

Ten thousand beings all crowded and stacked

Waiting for their life to end


And meal time seem to be of more value

Than all innocent lives

I’m trying to reach you


So here’s the voice for the voiceless

That are crying, know their loss

Ask for help, for the helpless

That all die for no good cause


Erased their names, but numbers on their back

Stand in one line, hurt and sad

Yes, they can feel and damn sure they see

The cruelness of reality


Being heartless is not so cool now

Try love and just step back

From what you’re doing now


If this is luxury

Don’t wanna be on the party

Don’t wanna be on this earth now

All this cruelty, from humanity

Where is the empathy, where is the empathy?


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