Impatience, Anticipation, Frustration #Thoughts

My mind is everywhere, my thoughts all over the place. They're floating around and never settling down. Running in circles, pacing back and forth. The thing is, I'm always impatient. There are always too many things I want to do, to have or to experience. Too many ideas in my mind and worlds I want [...]


Attachment (and a short introduction to Buddhism) #Thoughts

I'm familair with melancholy, being sentimental is my second nature. Darkness is a friend of mine, I only wish he didn't visit me that much. A lot of my sadness, I learned, comes from attachment. Not that much attachment to a person or a physical thing, but attachment to time, to moments. I want to [...]

Light and Dark #Thoughts

I feel like I'm more than one person, but not in a schizophrenic kind of way. I am just constantly switching between two versions of myself. One version of me is light. She loves life, she's spontaneous and assertive, open-minded and hopeful. She believes in herself, recognizes her talents and loves the people that are a [...]